Nothing Original

Nothing Original


You may have already seen this photo, if so I apologize… Or maybe not. It seemed appropriate after our recent bout of heavy rain and flooding. To be followed by another round of heavy rain and flooding this coming weekend. Not to mention the times of heavy rains and flooding throughout much of the year. It seems like we’re having nothing but sequels.

When you think about it, why should the weather be different than everything else? Television is filled with remakes and reboots. “Murphy Brown” is coming back. Hawaii Five-O came back. “Magnum P.I”. is back, but not with the real Magnum. I haven’t seen it, so I’m guessing he’s supposed to be Magnum’s son.

Maybe not. I don’t know. If that were the case it probably would have been called “Magnum Jr.”, “Little Magnum” or “Son of a P…I”

“Rosanne” is coming back again…except without Rosanne. She’s still out because of her late night racist tweets. So now she’s dead…not for real, just TV dead. So the show will be called “The Connors”, because calling the show “Rosanne” without an actual Rosanne would confuse people…I wish I meant that as a joke but, you know.

The first episode will deal with how they kill off Rosanne. Hopefully they come up with something original for that.

As far as movies coming out, we have “A Star Is Born.” If that sounds familiar it’s because this will be the third remake of the original. That’s four total for those of you counting at home. There’s a movie called “The Predator” which is either a remake or sequel of “Predator.” Around Halloween a movie called “Halloween” will be coming out. It stars Jamie Lee Curtis. Funny, because back in 1978, there was a movie that came out called “Halloween” that starred Jamie Lee Curtis.

Do you see where this is going? Oh, but I’m not done yet. At Thanksgiving we get “Creed 2.” That’s the sequel to the spin off to the “Rocky” movies. That’s right, sequel to the spin off.

In this latest version, Apollo Creed’s son, Creed 2 fights Ivan Drago’s son, Drago 2. In case you actually were able to scroll past “Rocky 4”, Ivan Drago, the father of Drago 2, killed Creed 2’s father, Apollo Creed in the ring. If you think about it, Apollo creed’s son should have fought Mr. T’s son first. Maybe they’re mixing it up and he will fight Mr. T 2 in the next movie.

“Rocky 4” seems like it came out a long time ago, and that’s because it did. There have been about fifteen “Rocky” movies since then. I keep waiting for “Rocky Retires” where Rocky beats the hell out of everyone in the retirement community after a shuffle board loss.

Come to think of it, maybe Rocky should beat Rosanne to death. Now, that would be original.

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