Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?


We’re you sitting in your lucky seat? Were you wearing your lucky shirt? It didn’t seem to help last night. The Penguins still lost and are now down 2 games to 1. Now, you have to pull out the big guns, the ones that you save for moments like these.

Maybe, you eat your chips with a certain hand…or only eat a certain size of chip. If they’re broken, leave them in the bowl. You don’t want the team to lose because you ate a handful of crumbs.

You probably already plan to change seats, shirts, socks…Oh, and thank you for that…Fans have weird superstitions. They like to think they’re actions somehow affect the outcome of the game.

When the Penguins were down 2-0 in game one. My wife positioned her Penguin bears on a chair…the one I was sitting on…the most comfortable chair in the house. Well, as you know, the Pens game back and took game 1. So, I lost my seat for the next 2 games.

Anyway, the bears aren’t helping anymore. Maybe, they’re upset by the way I look longingly at the chair I want to sit in. So, it’s probably my fault. It had nothing to do with all of the odd man rushes. So, blame me for making the bears uncomfortable.

Next game they will move back to their original spot, on the sofa next to my wife. That should do it. I get my chair back and the series goes back to Washington tied 2-2.

Don’t panic, you knew this would be a tough series. Just pull out your magic shirt, adjust the “Believe” signs in your yard so they get the positive influence of the sun, don’t eat any odd shaped chips and thanks for changing your socks. The Penguins don’t lose a series against the Capitals and I got my chair back.


“Let’s Go Pens!”


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