Caption Contest

I’ll be home for Christmas…Maybe!

I’ll be a little late for work today…Who the hell am I kidding…I quit!

I think I’ll just pull over and cry for awhile.


OK, I gave you a few, now I’m taking the rest of the weekend off. It’s up to you.

Come up with a caption for this photo.

Whoever submits the best line will receive a free “Yes, I’m Aggravated” T-shirt.

Employees of Penn-Dot are not eligible. You should be working to fix this nightmare.

Winner to be announced Tuesday.



  1. Casita Cathi says:

    WTF, I didn’t see this one on the driving test! STFU Alexa! Hmm, at least there’s not a, No U-turn sign. Today would be a good day to learn to fly!

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