Yeah, What Could go Wrong?

Yeah, What Could go Wrong?


It’s finally going to happen. The big question is, should it? I’m talking about the news that Cadillac is developing a car that can fly. We were supposed to have flying cars by the year 2000. It never happened. Now, we may see them in the next few years.

Have you ever been sitting in traffic and thinking,

“If I could just take off and fly over this.”

I do it all the time. Of course, in my mind, I’m the only one doing it. The thing is, once they become available, anybody can get one. That’s where the problem lies.

Do you really want the idiots that are on the road hovering over your head? Are there going to be lanes in the sky or will it just be flying bumper cars? Are there going to be sky lanes? Even if we have lanes, are people going to follow them?

During Covid, grocery stores have arrows on the floor to keep us all going in the same direction for social distancing. How often has some moron come at you in the wrong direction? Yeah, I know, every time.

Plus, I’m sure Penn Dot is already working on a way to close down parts of the sky during heavy travel times. Do you want to fly past guys in jet packs smoking cigarettes and picking their asses while no work is being done?

For now, Cadillac is the only one developing this technology. The price will probably make it unaffordable for most of us. That will keep the numbers down at first. That won’t last. Do you think KIA, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Chevy…all of the other car makers won’t be introducing a flying car?

Once they become more available and affordable, everyone will have a one. They’ll all be above us…for a while.

Those things will be falling out of the sky faster than birds at a Dick Cheney Quail shoot…What, too dated?

What happens when a woman is texting while flying and encounters a guy trying to sweep the spilled chalupa off his lap?

BANG! Watch Out Below!

Eventually people will be trading in their flying cars for a newer model then we’ll have “Used Flying Car Lots.” You know that a crooked sales man will pawn off a car that’s not airworthy on some unsuspecting fool.

Do you really want a car with bald propellers flying over your head? It’s one thing to hit a pot hole and blow out a tire. It sucks for the driver but rarely causes an accident. What happens when you hit an air pocket and blow out a propeller?

BANG! Look Out Below!

I’m thinking once we have flying cars, we’ll look back on the days with no flying cars as the good old days. The days you could be outside without the fear of a car falling down upon you.

So, the next time you’re stuck in traffic, wishing you could take off and fly over it, be careful what you wish for. This is going to end badly.

“Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane…”

“It’s a Ford Fiesta falling through the roof of my house.”

Oh, the Humanity!

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