What’s The Deal?

What’s The Deal?


It’s not supposed to work like this. What I’m talking about is the first day of fall. Yesterday, the last day of summer was in the 80’s and humid. Perfect summer weather. Then you wake up today and you can feel the chill in the air…Ok, I’m writing this in advance and basing it on the weather forecasts.

Not that the weather people are ever wrong. I’m not saying that. No, not like the time when I didn’t bother to do my homework because we were going to get between eight inches and two feet of snow. No way there would be school the next day, so why waste my time doing homework that I wouldn’t have to hand in.

My father was actually laughing when he woke me the next morning to inform me that not a single flake had fallen. I was cursing the weatherman all the way to school. It was a man in this case and I won’t associated him with any negativity. Especially since he just passed away recently. You can figure it out.

Anyway, this is not the way fall is supposed to arrive. You don’t show up right on time. If you’re invited to a party that starts at 7, you’re not walking up the steps to the door at 6:59. That’s kind of what fall is doing here. Showing up as we’re just getting out of the shower.

You have to ease into it. Maybe have a day in the seventies and then right back into the eighties for a few days. A cooler day, followed by some hot ones. Just not all cool days in a row.

What’s happening here is the same as waking up on a certain birthday and feeling old all at once. You know, instead of your body deteriorating slowly, over time. Now, I’m not saying that’s happening to me.

Just because I threw out my back last week putting groceries in the car. The week before that I somehow hurt my shoulder while I was sleeping. I’m sure things happened like this happened to me when I was younger. I just don’t remember as well as I used to.

I know a lot of people like fall and I would probably enjoy it too, except for what’s coming next. I won’t even mention it by name. The time of year when that white crap is flying around and temperatures can get into the single digits.

Yeah, the leaves look nice when they change color. That lasts for about a week and then they fall…that’s where the name comes from…and everything is bare and there are wet leaves on the ground and my back is hurting already. Maybe I’ll just go by the name and “LEAVE” them this year.

At least when you get older nothing falls off. They just stop working. But they have pills for that now.

Have you ever noticed the summer seems to fly by while the cold months of January and February seem to just linger over us? If it was winter all the time, it would feel like we were living longer. Of course, why would you want to?


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