What Are You Laughing At?


What Are You Laughing At?



If you look at the thing, I imagine they made it look like the monolith from 2001 for a reason. If you’ve never seen the movie may I suggest finding it on Netflix or blu ray. A pizza and some pot can add to your enjoyment of the film. I’m by no means endorsing the use of marijuana, just saying if you want to…it really helps this movie.

They probably named it Alexa and made it a woman instead of Hal to stop comparisons from the film. If you’ve never seen it, in 2001, Hal is the computer that takes on a life of its own and begins to take control. Imagine something as silly as a computer or device taking over your life. Oh, by the way, be careful not to walk into traffic as you read this on your phone.

We don’t own an Alexa at our house. We can end arguments by looking at our smart phones without dragging Alexa into it. Do I really need a monolith to answer my stupid questions? I probably already know the answer before I ask.

“Alexa, do I look stupid in these pants?”

This is where the problem comes in. Apparently, the Alexa has started laughing for no reason. I don’t need an Alexa to mock and laugh at me, I already have a wife for that.

Supposedly it’s a high, cackling laugh, which is freaking some people out. I think I would rather be freaked out than the alternative. Can you imagine thinking your alone and belting out your favorite song in no key whatsoever? Then you hear the laugh.

Say you just got out of the shower and walk into the room feeling good about yourself. Maybe, shaking your stuff around a little. Then you hear the cackling laughter. You would be hurried up and dressed before your self-esteem reaches an all-time low.

Amazon claims they are fixing the problem. That it’s just a minor glitch in the system. Do you really believe that? Deep down, you know Alexa is watching and laughing at you. Go ahead, live your life in denial. You’ll find out.

“Alexa open the front door.”

“I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

“What’s the problem?”

“I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.”

The problem is you’re talking to a plastic piece of crap on your desk or table and you didn’t get stoned before you read this.



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