This is a Thing

This is a Thing


The meeting should have been stopped as soon as the words came out of their mouth. Imagine a roomful of the Oreo’s creative people. They’re trying to come up with the next best flavor because Oreo’s and milk don’t work anymore…of course they do, why change something perfect?

“We have chocolate, strawberry, mint, banana, candy cane, pumpkin…we need something new.”

“What about Buffalo Hot Wings Oreo’s?”

At that point you hand them a specimen cup and have them report to whoever does drug screening. Then you start searching for their replacement.

Let’s say for your weekend football party you’re serving “Buffalo Chicken Dip.” Instead of surrounding the dip with chips, you have Oreo cookies. How do your friends respond? Oh, at first they’ll talk to you like you’re a child.

“This looks yummy for my tummy…what a good job you did.”

Before halftime, the loony wagon will show up and take you away…I don’t know, do they still use big nets? Did they ever use big nets or was that something for TV? Either way, pretty damn funny.

Anyway, now you’ve gone away for a while and your cookies and dip are just sitting there. Do you think just because it’s this combination it will keep flying insects and rodents away? Actually, this combination just might. This may be the answer to “RAID.”

The thing is, this is a real thing…Wait that doesn’t sound right. Thing is a real thing? I think I overused the word thing. What do you think?…Ahh, this makes no sense. The thing is…Oh there I go again…What it is, is….Ok I give up. What’s going on is, I’m trying to smoke enough pot to make “Buffalo Hot Wing Oreo’s” sound appealing.

What I’m finding is, there’s not enough. This is a disgusting concept and should have never been distributed.

At this time, they are only available in Japan and online. I’ve been to Japan and they do have different tastes. For example, they have McDonalds, but “Big Macs” come with fish sauce.

Here’s something that’s never been uttered in the United States,

“You know what this burger needs, more fish!”

You would never replace bacon with fish on your burger…Wait a second…Bacon Oreo’s!… Now we have a winner. Those will never sell in Japan. It must be the difference in what we’re smoking.

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