Beyond Aggravated

Beyond Aggravated


In all of my years on this planet, and they are many, I’ve watched images of my country in horror on two occasions. September 11 and today. I never imagined I would witness an attempted coup in this country. Certainly not one incited by the sitting president.

We were headed to this point. You could see it coming yet, so many were willing to ignore and go along with the whims of this sociopath. Oh, and he is insane. All of this is a result of a 74 year old man that has never been told no before.

“Daddy, they won’t let me play president anymore. Do something.”

Because of his extreme narcissistic behavior, he’s unable to accept the fact he lost the election. For two months he’s been whining that he really won.

There was a kid named Stevie that used to play whiffle ball with us. He was awful and would strike out every time. After three strikes, he would start pouting, so we would give him one more chance.

Then when he missed he would scream,

“That’s not fair!”

Then he would run home. At least he went home. Trump just kept harping on this while thousands died each day because of his failure as a leader in handling the pandemic.

So, Trump claims the election was rigged and he knows it. They’ve had over sixty chances to present the evidence that he was cheated in court. No evidence was ever presented. Do you know why?


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