Ghost Hunt at Larimer Mansion

Spent the night before Halloween at the haunted Larimer Mansion. Everyone was picking up Orbs in the basement. I didn’t see any, maybe because they were around me. When we went back upstairs the owner asked if any of us had encountered the dark figure in the basement. I hadn’t noticed it at the time, but saw this on the video.

I didn’t see it at the time. All I noticed was my video went blurry. You tell me what you see. There is more to come. We captured a lot that night. Happy Halloween.


  1. Diana Schneider says:

    I went to Larimer Mansion for a ghost tour in 2018 and I seen a spirit on the wall and he had white hair,glasses,and a great smile. Lynette Moisey told me that was Mr. McFarlane. I never seen a spirit before but I can not see them I can hear them.

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