Ghost Hunt 4

Ghost Hunt 4


Yeah, I know…Halloween is over and you’re busy decorating the Christmas tree. Nothing like rushing the holidays. No kidding here. Last weekend I suggested getting some Pumpkin beer for Halloween. Of course, I was too late on that one. When I looked at the seasonal beers I found, “Mad Elf,” “Christmas Ale,” “Winter Solstice,” and not a Pumpkin beer anywhere. I guess I should have bought it in July when it came out.

If you saw my Halloween post I had a brief synopsis of the time I spent at the Haunted Larimer Mansion with Steel City Medium Leslie Gray and four friends that won the chance to come along.

This was the fourth year I’ve done this kind of thing around Halloween. We’ve captured voices and photos that couldn’t be explained. I’ve seen temperature readings go up and down drastically and EMF detectors picking up energy where there was no electricity.

Still, I’ve never seen a full figure ghost jump out and say “Boo!”

After spending time chatting with one of the owners, who told us there wasn’t a single corner in the home that isn’t haunted. She then informed us the basement was the most haunted and that she never goes down there.

So, that’s where we went. Hey, if you’re going on a Ghost Hunt, go to the most active place. They informed us that a guy had been taunting the ghosts in the basement a few days earlier and let out a shriek. Turns out something scratched him down his back.

I should have mentioned I was the only male on this particular adventure. The four winners and of course Leslie were all women. That’s why they chose me to stand in the spot where the scratching happened.

Hey, I’m happy to take one for the team. I tried to get the ghosts upset enough to scratch me or push me. But, you know me, I’m too lovable to upset anyone. Even the non-living.

There was a lot of activity the whole time we were there. Leslie had all of the Ghost Hunting tools, K-2 meter, EMF detector, Spirit voice boxes…all the things they use on the TV shows.

If you don’t know what the K-2 is, it’s a tall round object with an antenna in the middle and lights all around it. If something touches it, it sets off the lights. I’ve seen them used on other ghost hunts and nothing ever happened. This thing was lighting up like a Pin Ball machine.

One of the girls said that she could feel cold arms embracing her and later something tried to pull down her pants…No, it wasn’t me! Why would you even think that?

Leslie was communicating with someone named Andy on the voice box and we later learned that one of the former owners was named Andrew and was not a nice guy. Anyway, she was asking who they wanted and it kept saying “John.” At one point she asked it what it was going to do to me and it just laughed. She thought that was hysterical. I normally like getting laughs. Just not from dead people with scratching ability.

All of the girls were picking up orbs on their cameras. I wasn’t picking up any, maybe because they said they were all around me. At one point one of them said,

“There’s an orb on your crotch.”

My first thought was,

“I don’t care if you scratch my back or my arm, but don’t even think of doing it there.”

I’m waiting for the videos of the orbs around me and I will post them next week as your putting up your Easter decorations.

When we went back upstairs the owner asked if any of us had seen the dark shadow figure down there. We hadn’t at the time, but when I looked back over the videos I took I noticed something. It’s the video I posted on Halloween. Go back and look if you didn’t see it already.

Yeah, I know, that was four days ago…fa…la…la…la…la…

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