Comedy Classes

Comedy Classes


Just wanted to talk a bit about the Comedy Classes I offer. The next round will be at the Parkway Theater beginning Wednesday April 10. We do every Wednesday for four weeks and then a final class on either Wednesday or Thursday May 8 or 9.

The final class is to get sets as tight as possible for the Graduation Show in front of a live audience at the Parkway Theater in McKees Rocks on Friday May 10.

Classes are held in the theater section of the Parkway which is a great venue for what we are doing.

You learn timing, stage presentation, joke structure, getting over stage fright and many other useful guidelines for your Stand-Up career. Only eight students in each class because of the time I spend working with each of you on a weekly basis.

Classes are $100 for all five and Graduation Show. I try to keep the price low because I know money can be an issue when you’re starting on this journey.

I’ve been performing as a professional comedian for 36 years and am doing this to give back to fellow comedians. My experience will help you make significant progress with your act and have fun doing it.

There’s only one spot left open for this round, but if you’re interested in future courses just hit the contact on this page and I will let you know about upcoming classes.

I’m also available for coaching sessions if you can’t make the class times work.

Parkway Theater 644 Broadway Avenue, McKees Rocks. I spent my youth watching movies at this place.

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