Luck of the Irish


Luck of the Irish



It’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday…except in the song “Piano Man,” it’s Saturday night. Here you are on Saturday morning, in a bar, getting warmed up for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. There won’t be another Saturday St. Paddy’s day until 2029.

Yeah, I know it should happen every five to seven years because of leap year. This is what happens when leap year comes around the same year that St. Patrick’s Day would fall on Saturday. I know, you’re having trouble wrapping your mind around that one. That’s because you started drinking at 9 in the morning.

Remember when you left the house this morning, you told yourself this year you would drink responsibly. But then you realize it will be 11 years before the stars align and there’s a Saturday St. Pat’s Day.

It seemed like a good idea to start off with some Irish coffee to take the chill off. That would warm you up so you could drink green beer during the parade. Remember you drank green beer. Maybe have someone write it backwards on your forehead. That way you can read it when you look in the mirror. You know, when you’re trying to figure out why your vomit is green.

After you’ve had your fill of green beer, you can switch to margaritas, since they’re green too. At some point you’ll probably get hungry. You’ll think,

“Since  its St. Patrick’s Day, I should eat some Irish food. Something with cabbage.”

This is where you will cross over into dangerous territory that you won’t be able to return from.

Then, without knowing how, you will end up in the Southside or the North Shore…I’m sorry, I still can’t understand how the North Side became the North Shore…Wouldn’t it also be the South Shore? Why does South Side get slighted? Is it because of all of the public urination on weekends?

Speaking of which, with so many people on a drinking marathon, the whole city becomes one big toilet on St. Patrick’s Day.

Remember the NCAA tournament is in town this weekend. We have people from all over the country. We don’t want them to go home saying, in Pittsburgh you can pee wherever you want. We’ll have every rube in the nation trying to relocate here.

Also, if somebody from out of town asks for directions or a recommendation, the proper response is not,

“What, d’ you call me?”

You should also keep your distance when speaking to someone. Remember, your tongue is green and your breath smells like cabbage. This is even worse is you haven’t been eating cabbage.

One of the last things you’ll remember is walking around with the town looking like its being invaded by Vikings or Pirates. That’s the parts that don’t look like “Dawn of the Dead.”

If you’ve ever been on a drinking marathon, you know they can only end ugly. What starts as a good time, crosses the line at some point. That’s usually the part you try to remember the next morning.

You know, the next morning. When you start to actually believe in the “Sandman.” That’s because it feels like he spent the night dancing on your head. Not to mention the bag of sand he dumped in your mouth.

This is when you’re trying to figure out whose underpants your wearing, and how you can read “You Drank Green Beer” on your forehead in the mirror.

This is always a good time to turn on the morning news and make sure you’re not on it. Hey, as bad as you feel now, you have until 2029 to recover.


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